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Haven’t been this excited about a full R&B female project since Candice Boyd. J-Rena has set the bar pretty high for 2017.  The mix is just simply put, amazing! I was thoroughly impressed by the compilation.  “If The Shoe Fits” is dope from start to finish, which to be honest, should be every artist’s goal when completing their project.  “J” adopts the popular model of using familiar records, then recreates them as if the instrumentation was her very own.  The perfect balance of slow, upbeat, and mellow records makes for an amazing playlist.  This just became my official car ride, cardio run, and get ready mix!  The lyrics are quite clear & concise presenting a message throughout each listed track.  Completely fitting for it’s title, and its accompanied by host Ferrari Simmons, and mixed by The Core DJs CEO Tony Neal.  You can ask me which is my favorite, but after multiple playbacks I can’t really pinpoint just one.  No one outside my circle gets this much play aside from Jeezy.  She “did that” and I’m excited about what’s next.  No further breakdown is needed.  With the vocals and the unique appropriate arrangements, it sounds like RnB is back!  Take a listen for yourself.  Straight 🔥!!

J Rena – If The Shoe Fits – Ferrari Simmons, T. Neal – Free Mixtape Download And Stream

Source: J Rena – If The Shoe Fits – Ferrari Simmons, T. Neal
Peep J-Rene’s most recent visual below!

We had an opportunity to hop on the wave before it takes off! Listen to our exclusive one on one interview with R&B’s new songstress!

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[CONCERT] Review: Why I’m Legit Excited About King Combs Tho!


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Let me first say that I was completely floored when I learned that the Bad Boy Reunion Concert decided to launch as a tour. Huge S/O to everybody who was flexing and made us all feel left out when they attended the New York joints! Rightfully so you certainly earned to. This is simply just one of those concerts you’re not allowed to miss. Primarily located in the south|west, it was only right I’d fall thru to the Las Vegas tour stop. I actually did myself one better & attended as media. I appreciate that opportunity most definitely. Thank you to the team, you know who you are! Although I wasn’t able to scream & do my Diddy dance to each set (I was working), I enjoyed every moment & thrived off the crowd’s energy around me. The DJ was live, that countdown ticker was ingenious, and we were left with surprise… after surprise… after surprise. The Notorious BIG Records with Visual Clips? Bell Biv Devoe? Shyne? DMX? Black Rob? Literally like “WHOA!” The roster in itself is simply legendary filled with nothing but timeless music. Diddy for starters. Queen Bee looked amazing. Faith’s vocals had me in awe. 112 was too smooth. Mase was the Mase we’ve always loved and you already know French had it #lit. Nelly touched down with a cameo, and I was super hype for the LOX. You had Total, Carl Thomas, the amazement just didn’t end! Now who have I missed?

Ohhhh but then Diddy decided to bring out his son, Christian, better known as “King Combs.” After he was announced to the stage, Diddy proceeded to let his son know he’d have to earn our respect & admiration. There were several thousands of us, a complete sold out arena in attendance.  I’m proud to say that he did just that! Combs, of course, easily reminds you of a Puff in his much younger days. I’m literally referring to the wardrobe and all. His brother Justin accompanied him for an energetic performance that I don’t think any of us saw coming. I had a slight glimpse from the BET Red Carpet this year, but the kid turned it up a few notches! The record was catchy, his stage presence was phenomenal, and the dance set made the entire audience erupt in applause & praise. He actually hit us with the choreographed moves just like a true entertainer, all the while holding the microphone with ease. Not a missed bar or step in sight. Call me crazy but…I’m actually enjoying this young artist a lot more with each performance.  I can’t wait for the new music to drop!  I think we can all agree that we would willingly pay for a well put together set such as Combs on any given day. There is nothing more exciting and refreshing than an artist enjoying the stage, doing what their primarily in business to do…invoke the appropriate emotion and Entertain!

Major salute to the Bad Boy 2.0 (can I call it that lol?) & King Combs. I look forward to the new music and the greatness that is sure to follow. He’s got some big shoes to fill among that label both past & present. From what I’ve personally seen, I’m more than confident he can get the job done & more! #MajorMoves

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