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The Connect: Would You Cut The Check? [1]

Something I’ve Wanted To Share For Quite Some Time Is About Maybe Once or Twice A Year I Come Across An Unknown, Unsigned or Independent Artist Who Is By Far Incredibly Talented & Pretty Much Ready To Go! Often I Have Asked To Either Interview Or Feature Their Projects And Most Of These Same Artists Have Now Progressed Into Some Of Your Favorite Entertainers. All That Studio Time…All That Grinding..But When It All Boils Down, You Either Have It…Or You Don’t! Still Working On The Commas Needed To Activate Mission: Mogul 😉 However, Within These Upcoming Series Are Artists Whom I’d Definitely Sign A Check Towards…Would You?


POL-B For The First Quarter
Buffalo, NY


He Invested On His Own In Production By The J.u.s.t.i.c.e. League & Jaiden The Cure Lended His Vocals.  This Is Probably One Of My Favorite Songs Of All Time. It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This. Classic And Timeless.

Another Admirable Trait Is He Appears To Be Well Rounded & A Full Out Entertainer With A Passion For Acting & Comedy, Can You Tell?

Twitter: @polB IG: @juststeveallen


Would You Cut The Check?

I Need To See A Little More

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*Please Note None Of The Above Mentioned Artists Are Paid Advertisements & Have No Prior Knowledge They Are Being Featured. Check Back Quarterly To See Who’s Been Added To The Series!*

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