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Hol Up: Music So Good You Forgot It Was Triflin! [1]

Have you ever been in love? I mean REAL love! (cue Queen Mary J) Co-habitation or sacred vowels of “I do?” Love when it’s right can be a beautiful thing, but even in the midst of all that beauty, judgement can be clouded. Choices will be decided. Mistakes could be made. I’m personally not a fan of cheating by any means. Why not just be single? However, I find myself more than often enjoying and singing lyrics that I ordinarily wouldn’t act on, nor condone lol. What ever happened to #respeck and #loyalty? Some of us just don’t care so choose on who you lovin wisely peeps! At any rate and whatever your stance…you have to admit that the following records are just sooooo good that you kind of forgot about the message. I DIG them all!…Let’s take a scroll shall we?

    1. Billy Paul– “Me & Mrs. Jones” -Meeeeeeeeee aaaaannnd Mrs., Mrs. Joooones!  We got a thiiiiing goin on!  Meeting everyday at the same cafe. Still gotta be careful tho real talk. SN:  Soooo you mean to tell me the wife didn’t hear about this? Nobody saw the whip or the coffee meet ups?  She knew! lol #next
    2. The Manhattans– “Kiss and Say Goodbye”– After all the meetups I’ve decided it’s starting to be too much and I’ve got other  wife obligations.   Both of us have ties so its just time to hang it up.  These vocals smooth tho I know it’s gon be hard to let go. <pops collar>

              3. Shirley Murdock “As We Lay” – Lawd have mercy the morning sun done snuck up on us!  Got me running late for work.  I need time to process this.  You married too? Didn’t mean to hurt her fr fr. You still fine tho. [Kelly Price Killed This Joint]

4. Salt N Pepa“I’ll Take Your Man”– The original if I wanted him I could have him anthem…He aint even all that but don’t test me H**!

5. Joe“All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do)”- Say whaaattt?  Well I’m here for it all.  He doesn’t appreciate me, and he’s taking me for granted.  I can do so much better. Thank you for reminding me that I’m worth waaay more than gold. A diamond to be specific.

6. SWV” You’re The One”- I know that you’re somebody elses’ guy….but that makes no difference to me.  She aint treating you right and God don’t make mistakes.  I think it’s time you let me show you what a real woman is…or it can be an undercover romance.  Either way, no worries boo. I got you.

7. Public Announcement f Mz. LeLee“John Doe”– So we just gonna pretend this pager and phone aint goin off?  What you got goin on?  How you come up on on this cash?  Do you love me?…this aint about my affair we talkin bout yours right now.

8. Montell Jordan“Get It On Tonite”– I’m stepping out tonight, just not with you. Now as for you…  the all white fit is always a killer.  The dance floor is the way to my heart, and baby you haven’t missed a beat.

9. Trey Songz f Mila J– “Disrespectful”- We’ve taken our situation to a whole nother level but I’m exclusively this way with you and you only.  I mean we really just dgaf*.  We have a real bond.  We running bath water. We feeding each other grapes & wine.  We paying bills.  You the Day 1 foreal.  Why am I in a relationship if it’s not you.  I’ma work on that asap!

10. TLC– “Creep”- He made me do this.  Have you seen what I look like in silk pajamas?  I know he’s cheating on me and that’s exactly why I’m not dealing with him no more like that.  I gotta get minez!!! #CLASSIC #RIPLEFTEYE


N2U f Jermaine DupriBaby Mama Love- I’m not tryna be in a relationship but we gone kick it, I’ma take care of my child, keep these bills up and oh….I’m not feelin these N* around you OR my son. Chill.  (Wait…What? Definition of a double standard lol) #RIPCHRISBUCK

Onyx• Queen of Killeen| Songwriter | Music Professional | Executive Producer & Host of Jermaine Dupri’s Global 14 the Cut | 2014 SEA Internet Hustler of the Year

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The Connect: Should I pay $1,000 for an 8 minute slot at SXSW?

So upon posting a Facebook status, that simply stated, “Artists…Please don’t pay a $1,000 for a 8 minute slot this SXSW season,” I noticed it caused quite the uproar but in the most empowering way. I’m not big on “likes,” but this one immediately climbed & prompted dozens of shares as well as inboxes. There were only 2 or 3 who genuinely wanted to know why they shouldn’t. Mind you these are not official SXSW stages. My initial response was to counter that with a, “Why would you?”

You see every year we go through this. “We” as in Texas residents. We watch out of towners come in with no invite needed, the price gouging in hotels go from $99 to $349, and so on and so forth. We get it and totally understand. What newcomers have been failing to realize is that SXSW has been going on for decades. Not only is it an amazing international festival, but it embodies a lot more than just music. It’s literally about 3 weeks of non stop panels, workshops, networking, exhibits, symposiums, showcases, including interactive, film. This is wonderful for the city of Austin and its surrounding areas hence people travel from all over the world to take part in said activities. Basically, there’s hundreds of thousands in attendance.

With all of that being said, what I’ve also noticed is the routine ritual of artists willing to risk their budgets on showcases that have failed to do anything but what your local talent karaoke bar could service. Some “promoters” (not all) will offer you at the very least a non-sufficient sound system, and a slot. No plan in place in which you are somewhat prepared to know when or if you will even perform. You can also forget about a deposit because the entire fee will need to be paid upfront and in full. If for whatever reason you do miss your performance due to no fault of your own, chances are slim to none that you’ll actually receive your money back in its entirety. Some of these hosts actually needed that to cover the cost of the venue alone. In a way, that’s actually kind of fair. It’s simply the risk you take. If you have it to just throw and see what sticks, how about you and I talk later. I seriously need to arrange a meeting with your advisor because clearly we all need to be more like you. It has been said that the rich stay rich based on their financial decisions. I’m working towards wealth.

The other routine checklist is to press up thousands of CDs, only for those same CDs to be covered on the grounds of 6th street. I cannot tell you how many I’ve walked and hobbled over almost cutting my heel from all of the broken up pieces. People are simply not there looking to pocket your latest and greatest compilation or volume 5 series. Sad but very much true. This is not to discourage you from having any promotional material at all. I would just try to focus on fostering a conversation with your potential fans before throwing a cd and flyer their way. They have nowhere to put the 100+ amount they receive. In fact it’s quite impossible, believe me I have tried. Assemble a team with hopes of doing something different. Why not press up those thin sling back backpacks with your “@” name printed and give those away? Who doesn’t want or need a bag to toss over their shoulder? That gem was free on me.

I could go in and on a lot further about it all but it’s highly unnecessary. More than likely you have your mind made up and I’m really not here to try to tell you how to spend YOUR money. Here’s the key takeaway from this non-structured article. When it comes to paying a $1000 or less, simply do your research and assess the value of the performance package. Pull the resume & ask questions. How many minutes? Are there scheduled events taking place at the same venue that could overlap the one you’re participating in? Is there a sound check? Can I sell my merchandise? Is there a dress code? Do my guests need an valid ID? Let’s just be real about it all. Also think about ways to follow up and build once the event is over, assuming it was not a talent search to begin with. Let’s do more this year then simply say, I’m performing at SXSW. Where are you performing? What is the goal? Will you regret spending and are you really willing to risk for your career what it takes? Yes, losses are inevitable but that doesn’t mean you have to go in sideways and blind sighted. Look into several different places or to spread your budget around to get the most bang for your buck!

Now after all of this I’m sure your wondering since I seem to know it all, what can I recommend? Well I can assure you that I do not, lol. Trial, error, and observation. Yet and still, I most certainly wouldn’t leave you hanging. For the full breakdown on how I’ve come to these selections in particular, feel free to contact me directly. If you have a showcase you think should be considered please feel free to do the same. If you’re already a well established artist or brand this article most likely isn’t for you, however you may still find a reputable place to display your talent within the options below. Thank you for stopping your day for a quick read! 🙂

Here’s my list:
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Networking & DJ Meeting Events


























































San Antonio






•For a list of OFFICIAL #SXSW Stages as well as more information access their website directly at www.sxsw.com• Access Core DJ Hella Yella’s OFFICIAL SXSW Event Schedule! You’re Guaranteed To Enjoy Anything He’s Apart Of! DJ Hella Yella


Onyx• Queen of Killeen| Songwriter | Music Professional | Executive Producer & Host of Jermaine Dupri’s Global 14 the Cut | 2014 SEA Internet Hustler of the Year
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