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Jesse Williams Speech At BET Awards Continues To Spark Controversy; Petition Launched To Fire The Actor From Grey’s Anatomy

It’s been a week since actor Jesse Williams received The Humanitarian Award at the 2016 B.E.T. Awards, and while a large majority of viewers were moved by his speech of dedication to Black women, the injustice within our country, and more–others are deeming it racist or merely all talk. Backstage the media room demographics were made up of both women & men of all ethnicities and ages, yet all journalist hailing from northern, southern, western, and eastern regions. The room grew silent during his speech on stage as it did for many in the comfort of their own homes. What I interpreted was nothing short of what I’d expect and hope to hear coming from the recipient of such a prestigious award. Collectively it was a breath of fresh air for us all to say the least. The honor itself is administered to those who put forth action behind their efforts & movements often making an impact within a forum provided, or to which act of whom they genuinely choose to participate. When Jesse Williams arrived backstage to continue the conversation, he received a standing ovation as we were all proud to be within his presence. We were eager to hear more of his plans and the changes he’d hope would result from all of the groundwork laid, and his speech that evening. I knew that his words would draw in the much needed discussion, but never did I foresee it spiraling into so many levels of debate from social media to the latest. Change.org has always been one of my favorite platforms but it’s most recent petition received is one that I most definitely won’t be participating in. It’s title is documented as: Sign the petition to fire, Jesse Williams, from Grey’s Anatomy for racist rant. I find it more than disturbing that at an awards designed to celebrate Black elegance, matters, and achievements we are simply unable to gather and do just that. In fact, I’m quite surprised that their hasn’t been more of an outcry over the new mini-series “Roots” all over my timelines. Maybe I have finally removed the overly outspoken leaving me to be less subject to those of certain views unless I go looking. Jesse William’s speech wasn’t designed to incite a racist movement against people of non-color, so why are some looking for what simply isn’t there? It was a reminder to those within the Black community, especially those of affluence, to be more involved and most importantly proactive. He couldn’t have chosen a more perfect time to speak on values or principles that we haven’t always put forth until it’s time to react to an unfortunate event. We should all ensure we are doing our just part to give back, lend a hand, and help one another in anyway that we possibly can. We should be educating ourselves on our American Civil Rights so we can properly address matters before they become a #Blacklivesmatter. Jesse speech was not too racist for television nor does he nowhere near deserve to be fired from his sitcom. His speech was just all too REAL for the acceptance of those who are naive to the data, the facts, and the direction in which our country has many-a-ways to go. What a poor argument this “petition” presents https://www.change.org/p/abc-sign-petition-to-fire-jesse-williams-from-grey-s-anatomy-for-racist-rant. I’ll be watching ABC closely to see how it all unfolds.

Here is a video of the Jesse Williams Q&A with media backstage.

It wasn’t all about the speeches that night. ¬†We managed to catch some interviews & candid photos along the red carpet. Check out a few of those below. If you missed the 2016 B.E.T. Awards be sure to check with your local service provider to watch the re-broadcast.

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Photo Cred: @Onyx254

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