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Here are all the cyphers from tonight’s BET Hip Hop Awards!

YES!  My favorite part of the awards has always been the cyphers.  This year the BET Hip Hop Awards showcases the new emcees and a few vets with DJ Premier of Houston, TX.  Eminem wasn’t the only rapper to take a jab at Donald Trump!  Watch all the cyphers here.
Which one was your favorite?
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REP YO CITY- Blog Series Edition


Welcome Killeen!

In addition to “Cut The Check” I am now ready to launch “Rep Yo City” which will focus specifically on recording artists residing or serving Killeen, Texas as home. This is a semi-annual edition geared to showcase selected talent & hard working individuals from the area.  The series is designed to be of an additional support for your resume, serving as a one-time marketing free of cost.  Feature cannot be purchased or utilized thru relationships. RYC is an original concept in design & format with no goal to compete with existing blog/marketing services offered within the Central TX area. I hope to continue working towards overall positive results, garner more industry attention, and provide both current, effective music guidance.

For an example of published work, please access previous quarterly #cutthecheck articles. To qualify, post or share the article link and ask your supporters to complete the nomination form.  All genres welcomed.  The artist/group who receives the most volume will receive the feature. One entry per valid email.  Be sure to check back  bi-weekly during the submission cycle for any updated information.  The nomination period is open for the following:

Summer/Fall Edition- May 1st- June 1st (Published in July)

Winter/Spring Edition- Nov 1st- Dec 1st (Published in Jan)

(addresses are not being used to build contact lists)

***In addition to being selected for the edition, the “Rep Yo City” recipient will have an opportunity to receive a personalized artist consultation (1) , unlimited A&R of (2) records until finalized, FULL print page & web placement feature with Midwest based Twenty4Seven Magazine, professional studio recording session with The Golden Earz c/o Carlos Finklea, and X Squad DJs Coalition conference call.  Featured posts will not visually include violent gangs or brandished weapons, but is free to express the art of/or chronicle life in its form by said author.  All visual content is subject to approval prior to posting.  This series does not promise, include nor extend any management or pr contract terms, distribution, radio or club play, live performances, record label contracts, or continued blog placements.  Sponsors may rotate as needed for next entry.  Any additional incentives offered are not agreed to and for each featured recipient.  Winner can only receive selection once (per artist/group) with no exceptions, or transfer of service(s)/offer(s).

Nominations will not be received thru text, email, or via social media.  Thank you for your interest!

RYC is ongoing until further notice

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Meet Young Mayne of IMG!


Special thanks to company sponsor The Golden Earz!

Above song featured was produced & recorded here.  Schedule your appointment today!


Printed & distributed within several regions, peep it online!


Meet the X Squad DJs!


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EXCLUSIVE: Don Jackson Announces Plans Of Gospel Network Stellar TV!

The 32nd Annual Stellar Awards Pre-Show Took Place At The Orleans Showroom Located In Las Vegas On Friday, March 24th 2017.  Founder, Chairman, And CEO Of The Prestigious Ceremony, Don Jackson, Announced Plans To Launch Stellar Television.  The Gospel Focused Network Will Air Twenty Four Hours Daily, And Provide A Platform To Showcase Gospel Music Throughout The Year.  The Network Will Be Equipped With An Unplugged Live Segment, Comedy Show, Performances, And Media Outlets. Don Went On To State It was Time To “Step Up,” And Looks Forward To The Potential Launch To Take Place At The Later Part Of 2017.  To Become Involved And Assist In The Petition Of The Network, Supporters Can Send Text, Stellar TV To 797979.  The Awards Will Take Place At The Orleans Arena on Saturday, March 25th, And Air On April 9th.  Check Your Local Cable Listings For More Information.



Onyx• Queen of Killeen| Songwriter | Music Professional | Executive Producer & Host of Jermaine Dupri’s Global 14 the Cut | 2014 SEA Internet Hustler of the Year

(C) Mar 2017
(P) Mar 2017

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Where were you when you heard your very first UGK record?  Just some of the dialogue exchanged among the attendees present as Dr. Pinn & Chinara Butler (Widow of Legendary Southern Pioneer Chad “Pimp C.” Butler) prepared for the nights’ event & panelists. When surfaced that there would be a Pimp C Collection at the Woodson Research Center, Hip Hop began to celebrate its excitement thru social media, hence the notable contributions of UGK for not only representation throughout the south, but in regards to the iconic moments within rap music in its entirety. Having had the opportunity to interview Mr. Boomtown back in 2011, I remember learning more about the Port Arthur team and those candid moments that you just can’t simply google. Last night’s event is considerably another one of those, “you had to be there.”


I was able to gain insight throughout the evening and looked forward to having an opportunity to visit the collection in Rice’s Fondren Library which includes lyrics handwritten, contracts, artwork from fans and more! Let’s recall from L. To R. the panelist who chimed in on the key moments that shaped their personal relationship with Pimp C

E.S.G., DJ Michael Watts, Mr. Lee, Lil Keke, David Banner, Chinara Butler, Bun B with moderation by Madd Hatta 

Bun B shares how fellow pioneer & legendary DJ Screw, had first test press of “Tell Me Something Good,” and framed it like a plaque.

He spoke on their record “Pocket Full of Stones” which was featured on the, Menace II Society soundtrack, and went on to mention how the ending we saw was actually the alternate version.  Originally, it was “O-Dog” who was supposed to meet his unfortunate fate in the ending!  What a classic movie and great film none the less to be apart of.

A member within the audience asked Bun b a question that he summarizes as one he often receives regarding conspiracies surrounding Pimp C’s death, and clarified it wasn’t due to an overdose of lean.  He did address as well as Chinara, that his existing health conditions contributed to what ultimately led to his passing.

A mini documentary was shown during the ceremony which highlighted how UGK influenced the new generation with featured speakers like Asap Rocky and Scotty ATL.



David Banner elaborated more that although his death was a result of health factors, the humble conscious rapper from Port Arthur, did knowingly receive death threats due to his new social status, and the leader he had become within the community.

Banner first interacted with Pimp C by way of mail when he wrote to the rapper while incarcerated. He recalled sending pictures of new drum machines which undoubtedly led to him introducing & teaching P C how to use production equipment.

Mad Hatta, E.S.G., Mr. Lee spoke of respect, music & more, while Lil Keke went on record to say he received confidence to pursue music from U.G.K.  Michael Watts said his experience came mostly thru the radio interaction when “Pimp” would call up to the 97.9 station.

It’s thru the continuous efforts and occasions such as these that Chinara vowed in sustaining the voice of Pimp C.  The event carried over to a separate location where Deleon sponsored an evening to remember and J Prince & Chinara would share their first photo together since her becoming a widow.

Among many others in attendance were Hip Hop Recording Artist & Houston Veteran Killa Kyleon and  Billboard Charting Artist Snooti Wild.

*Event Photos & source courtesy of @gavingeorgemusic

This historical hip hop occasion may be over, but his LEGACY lives on. Be sure to stay posted to alltrillthings.com and follow @chinarabutler on social media for further updates and more #LongLivePimpC events, music, and memorabilia to be announced.


Purchase Pimp C posthumous album, Long Live The Pimp


You can also utilize the streaming service below to take a listen



Onyx• Queen of Killeen| Songwriter | Music Professional | Executive Producer & Host of Jermaine Dupri’s Global 14 the Cut | 2014 SEA Internet Hustler of the Year

(C) Jan 2017
(P) Jan 2017

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Haven’t been this excited about a full R&B female project since Candice Boyd. J-Rena has set the bar pretty high for 2017.  The mix is just simply put, amazing! I was thoroughly impressed by the compilation.  “If The Shoe Fits” is dope from start to finish, which to be honest, should be every artist’s goal when completing their project.  “J” adopts the popular model of using familiar records, then recreates them as if the instrumentation was her very own.  The perfect balance of slow, upbeat, and mellow records makes for an amazing playlist.  This just became my official car ride, cardio run, and get ready mix!  The lyrics are quite clear & concise presenting a message throughout each listed track.  Completely fitting for it’s title, and its accompanied by host Ferrari Simmons, and mixed by The Core DJs CEO Tony Neal.  You can ask me which is my favorite, but after multiple playbacks I can’t really pinpoint just one.  No one outside my circle gets this much play aside from Jeezy.  She “did that” and I’m excited about what’s next.  No further breakdown is needed.  With the vocals and the unique appropriate arrangements, it sounds like RnB is back!  Take a listen for yourself.  Straight 🔥!!

J Rena – If The Shoe Fits – Ferrari Simmons, T. Neal – Free Mixtape Download And Stream

Source: J Rena – If The Shoe Fits – Ferrari Simmons, T. Neal
Peep J-Rene’s most recent visual below!

We had an opportunity to hop on the wave before it takes off! Listen to our exclusive one on one interview with R&B’s new songstress!

Twitter: @jrenamusic

IG: @jrenamusic

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Hol Up: Music So Good You Forgot It Was Triflin! [1]

Have you ever been in love? I mean REAL love! (cue Queen Mary J) Co-habitation or sacred vowels of “I do?” Love when it’s right can be a beautiful thing, but even in the midst of all that beauty, judgement can be clouded. Choices will be decided. Mistakes could be made. I’m personally not a fan of cheating by any means. Why not just be single? However, I find myself more than often enjoying and singing lyrics that I ordinarily wouldn’t act on, nor condone lol. What ever happened to #respeck and #loyalty? Some of us just don’t care so choose on who you lovin wisely peeps! At any rate and whatever your stance…you have to admit that the following records are just sooooo good that you kind of forgot about the message. I DIG them all!…Let’s take a scroll shall we?

    1. Billy Paul– “Me & Mrs. Jones” -Meeeeeeeeee aaaaannnd Mrs., Mrs. Joooones!  We got a thiiiiing goin on!  Meeting everyday at the same cafe. Still gotta be careful tho real talk. SN:  Soooo you mean to tell me the wife didn’t hear about this? Nobody saw the whip or the coffee meet ups?  She knew! lol #next
    2. The Manhattans– “Kiss and Say Goodbye”– After all the meetups I’ve decided it’s starting to be too much and I’ve got other  wife obligations.   Both of us have ties so its just time to hang it up.  These vocals smooth tho I know it’s gon be hard to let go. <pops collar>

              3. Shirley Murdock “As We Lay” – Lawd have mercy the morning sun done snuck up on us!  Got me running late for work.  I need time to process this.  You married too? Didn’t mean to hurt her fr fr. You still fine tho. [Kelly Price Killed This Joint]

4. Salt N Pepa“I’ll Take Your Man”– The original if I wanted him I could have him anthem…He aint even all that but don’t test me H**!

5. Joe“All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do)”- Say whaaattt?  Well I’m here for it all.  He doesn’t appreciate me, and he’s taking me for granted.  I can do so much better. Thank you for reminding me that I’m worth waaay more than gold. A diamond to be specific.

6. SWV” You’re The One”- I know that you’re somebody elses’ guy….but that makes no difference to me.  She aint treating you right and God don’t make mistakes.  I think it’s time you let me show you what a real woman is…or it can be an undercover romance.  Either way, no worries boo. I got you.

7. Public Announcement f Mz. LeLee“John Doe”– So we just gonna pretend this pager and phone aint goin off?  What you got goin on?  How you come up on on this cash?  Do you love me?…this aint about my affair we talkin bout yours right now.

8. Montell Jordan“Get It On Tonite”– I’m stepping out tonight, just not with you. Now as for you…  the all white fit is always a killer.  The dance floor is the way to my heart, and baby you haven’t missed a beat.

9. Trey Songz f Mila J– “Disrespectful”- We’ve taken our situation to a whole nother level but I’m exclusively this way with you and you only.  I mean we really just dgaf*.  We have a real bond.  We running bath water. We feeding each other grapes & wine.  We paying bills.  You the Day 1 foreal.  Why am I in a relationship if it’s not you.  I’ma work on that asap!

10. TLC– “Creep”- He made me do this.  Have you seen what I look like in silk pajamas?  I know he’s cheating on me and that’s exactly why I’m not dealing with him no more like that.  I gotta get minez!!! #CLASSIC #RIPLEFTEYE


N2U f Jermaine DupriBaby Mama Love- I’m not tryna be in a relationship but we gone kick it, I’ma take care of my child, keep these bills up and oh….I’m not feelin these N* around you OR my son. Chill.  (Wait…What? Definition of a double standard lol) #RIPCHRISBUCK

Onyx• Queen of Killeen| Songwriter | Music Professional | Executive Producer & Host of Jermaine Dupri’s Global 14 the Cut | 2014 SEA Internet Hustler of the Year

(C) Oct 2016
(P) Oct 2016

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